Generali: a responsible insurance provider

Generali, an international insurance leader with the ambition to be a champion of sustainability

As a committed Group, Generali intends to act as a positive force to build a more resilient and fairer society. Sustainability is integrated into all company actions and decisions.

Faced with the increasing complexity and globalization of the risks inherent in current lifestyles, Generali has integrated sustainable development into all areas of its business since the early 2000s, in particular by encouraging responsible behavior that contributes to risk reduction. Generali wants to be the partner of its customers throughout their lives, to contribute both to their personal and professional protection and to their future plans and the transmission of their wealth.

Promoting research and innovation for health

In 2013, Generali was the first insurer in France to take an interest in the impact of air quality on health by becoming a partner of the Grand Ballon de Paris, an air quality observatory. air, which became the Ballon Generali.
For nearly 10 years, Generali has been helping to finance the research that the CNRS is carrying out on the evolution of fine particles in the atmosphere based on measurements taken on board the balloon. In the wake of this partnership, Generali has approached the doctors of the Association Santé Environnement France (ASEF) to deploy information and actions to its customers on the impacts of environmental pollution. about health. (

Covid-19 has highlighted the need to accelerate health research and promote access to care for all. This is why, in 2021, Generali was co-founder with Sanofi, Orange and Cap Gemini of Future for Care, an open-innovation ecosystem in digital health, unique in Europe. The objective is to develop e-health solutions and promote their marketing, for the benefit of all, in particular patients and healthcare professionals.
Future 4 Care includes a start-up accelerator and an institute bringing together personalities from the world of health. Already 35 start-ups have joined the accelerator, which aims to reach cruising speed with around a hundred start-ups. Future 4 Care aims to become the European hub that embodies progress in digital health. (

Deploy new services to preserve health

The future 4 care ecosystem led to the meeting with Meersens, a start-up that specializes in the analysis of the exposome (conjugation between the genetic capital of a person and the environmental factors to which it is exposed) and which develops digital advice solutions to preserve health in the face of generalized pollution. (

A bridge has thus been created between the advances in research aboard the Generali balloon and the development of a new personalized environmental health information service.
Since September 2022, as part of its social action programs, employees of companies insured by Generali will benefit from an app, Meersens Pro. 6 themes are covered in this app: air quality, water, noise, pollen, UVs. Each theme is treated in the form of benchmarks, diagnosing the environmental factors in which people evolve and giving appropriate advice to guard against as many risks as possible.
Ultimately, 300,000 employees of companies insured by Generali and entering into its social action program will be able to benefit from Meersens Pro. The first results observed on the first wave of deployment are encouraging, with an opening rate of 70% of the launch email.

Ultimately, this environmental health information service is intended to join other risk prevention tools developed by Generali.

The launch of the Meersens pro app for Generali policyholders is a continuation of the first behavioral health service in Europe launched in 2016, Generali Vitality, which offers an incentive program for everyone can be an actor in the preservation of its health capital. Optional and free, this service offered in France to employees of subscribing companies makes it possible to fight against the 3 main factors of premature mortality: smoking, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. With self-diagnosis and a system of personalized objectives, Generali Vitality offers employees a rewards program with discount coupons from partners (Decathlon, FNAC, Apple, etc.). Already 22,500 employees are actively involved in the program out of a total of nearly 250,000 employees concerned within more than 6,400 companies that have joined the program.

Sustainability in all its forms at Generali

Today, Generali wants to be:

  • A responsible insurer, with the objective of a carbon-neutral insurance portfolio by 2050, the development of new sustainable solutions and actions promoting the sustainable transition of SMEs. Generali thus created in 2021 the European EnterPRIZE prize which promotes VSEs-SMEs that engage in active policies of social and environmental responsibility. (;
  • A responsible investor which aims to completely integrate ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria into its investment activities by 2024, and a portfolio of carbon neutral investment by 2050;
  • A responsible employer who promotes dedicated actions to create, increase and nurture inclusion, skills development and new ways of working;
  • A responsible distributor who commits its intermediaries (general agents, salaried advisers, brokers and advisers to independent wealth managers) to deploy actions contributing to the preservation of the environment, diversity and inclusion;
  • A citizen and responsible player who, through his foundation, The Human Safety Net, is developing a social innovation hub that helps the most vulnerable populations unleash their full potential and to have equal opportunities in life (